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Planning a Menu Setting the Mood Community Q&A Having a romantic dinner at home can be much more special than eating out -- not to mention less expensive.

If you want to plan a romantic dinner at home with your date, all you have to do is thoughtfully prepare a menu and set the mood before the dinner date starts.

My husband was very hesitant to try Dinner AFare because he loves to cook.

But, with 2 small children at home, I finally convinced him.

Because when you're having fun, you're much more likely to find that spark.

While dating and dining, learn the rules you should break... And if there are a lot of dating rules, you'd better believe the world of dating and dining is even more complicated.

Follow these steps to find out how to have romantic night in with your special someone.

A bouquet of roses, a bottle of champagne, a weekend getaway -- all these are the tools of the dating trade, and you can find them and more at a discount in our Top Dating Tips' store.As a female, I can tell you that guys get major brownie points for coming up with and planning creative dates that prove they did more than open a newspaper.Read Post » Coming up with the perfect Christmas present for your significant other can be daunting, especially when you've been dating such a short time that you're not quite familiar with the eccentricities of his or her music taste but you still want to impress with an unexpectedly thoughtful and insightful gift that will buy you a few more weeks, at least. I mean, what is dating if not extremely, completely, horrendously, desperately personal? You’ll find Dinner A’Fare dinners a perfect solution for even the pickiest of eaters. Nothing ever goes to waste and can be ready to cook when you need it. Impromptu trips to the grocery store always seem to cost a fortune.Plus, you choose any combination from our monthly menu. No shaving of asparagus, cleaning chicken or zesting lemons. And did you really spend 0 on that small bag of essentials?

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How can you go about searching for the one person that makes your heart feel whole without getting at least a little bit personal? More and more people are searching for love online.

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