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Mysterio: I guarantee you I'll catch Spider-Man, but I want all you bigshot media people there to record it! (disappears; a basketball appears and bounces into Jameson's hands) don't drop the ball. Spider-Man: You boneheads can't catch me,not while this suit makes me stronger and faster than you!

Have you ever wished you could make him realize that you are the perfect couple and can create an amazing, lifelong relationship together? Mary Jane: (takes off the pearl necklace) Look Morrie, our relationship is over! How could anybody commit to a guy who sneaks off to crawl on walls? Next time you see me I might look like your last nightmare. (shoot web at Parker Parker tying him to a video camera) This is what we call service. finds Hobbs offering a pardon to Dom and his crew in exchange for helping the DSS track down Dom’s ex-girlfriend Letty (Michelle Rodriguez) and the criminal organization she now works for, controlled by Owen Shaw (Luke Evans).If they help him, they’ll be allowed to return home to their lives and families, free of criminal charges.

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