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Their calves are born with grey skin, which turns to white around 5 or 6 years after birth.

Belugas are small to medium-sized toothed whales, with thick torsos and bulging foreheads.

A small firework that is explosively loud but visually unstimulating. An emotionally unstable person, a dysfunctional person, a completely useless person.

Susie Sherrill, Ph D, LPC: They definitely need to be grounded in reality enough to be able to come in here and let their imagination come out in a work of art, rather than believing that what they're imagining is real.

Beluga Whale Camera Beluga Whales are easily identified by their white skin and are therefore also called white whales.

A suffix that emphasises the essential undesirable nature of a person in perjorative nouns such as 'tossbag', 'shitbag', 'ratbag' etc.

E.g."I'll bang those in an envelope and send them off first post in the morning." Noun.

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Belugas are able to change the shape of their forehead, and have a flexible neck which allows them to turn their head, a trait that almost all other whales lack.

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