101 rules for dating

After all, we can all remember our first romance with fondness, right?The trouble is, we may also remember being less than honest with our parents at that age.

The rules of conduct are seemingly made up by a hodge-podge of daters’ experiences and professionals (like me) who help frustrated singles looking for a serious relationship in the world of dating.

You don’t have enough time to waste it Tick-tock, tick-tock goes the clock!

In a city where everyone is demanding your time and information is accessible to you on a second-to-second basis, neither you nor he has the privilege of wasting your time—quit the Ping-Pong game and get straight to the point. If he’s taking too long to get back to you, there’s plenty more distraction waiting to grab your attention.

After a few exchanges, I suggested we meet up sometime for a drink/coffee. Then a couple days later I see his profile is back up, so I send a quick message just to say hey and ask if he’s still up for meeting. He apologized for the delayed reply and said he’d been really sick the last few days.

He agreed and then his profile disappeared the next day. Not sure I buy that, I figure I’m a 2nd choice or last resort date.

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What bothers me is that he a) took the profile down without shooting you a message to provide some kind of contact info and b) took 2 days to respond to your message.

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